Stardust Soul - Victoria BC Editorial Photography

and the stars blinked

as they watched her carefully

jealous of the way she shone.

— atticus



I don't know what else I can say about this babe that I haven't already said before! I am so blessed to work with such a wonderfully talented (and just wonderful all-around person) on a regular basis. We have both grown so much as people and artists since our very first shoot so many moons ago... but the passion and fire ignited within those souls still remains the same. From two years ago sitting cross legged on my apartment floor, gushing about empowerment and feminism, swooning over the artistic and professional possibilities before us. Here is to strong women, women who inspire us... the connections that inspire us to never stop growing. Thank you for all that you do for me, babe. And for being such an incredible and awe-inspiring muse to capture. Here's to you sharing your light with me, my clients, and all the wonderful people that find their way into your magical salon chair. You bring light everywhere you go. <3 


Molly AshlieComment