In Home Boudoir Session ~ Victoria BC

Whew! I'm a little behind on blog posts from 2017. I can't believe I haven't published this session yet! I worked with this amazing woman twice this year and each time was just so lovely. Our second session was intended to be an outdoor session - but the season had other plans for us. When I suggested we could do an in-home session it all just fell into place! I mean once you see her amazing apartment you'll understand why I suggested it. 


It's so lovely to do a session in your own space. We spend a lot of time and energy into curating our spaces around us, in nesting into them. We should celebrate ourselves in those intimate and personal spaces as well. We are each unique, and the places we create around us to reflect us are entirely unique as well. And yeah - I make house calls! ;)


 I am very excited to be sharing our second session together. I like to call the first session an "ice-breaker" session. We get to know each other, the initial anxiety and fear of boudoir dissipates, and then in the next session we know each other that much more and the trust is built for us to really create some beautiful imagery. That truly happened in this session. We had grown to know each other a little more, and we got right into it. I adore this woman. She is an introvert just like me - which makes it even more rewarding when that shyness cracks open and we can make bretahtaking and empowering art together. <3 

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