leave your insecurities at the door

We specialize in empowering + intimate portraiture that helps our clients fall madly in love with themselves. We pride ourselves in holding a safe space for you to delve deeper into your self-love journey. Regardless of your age, gender, body-type, size… the self-love experience is for everyone.

*CAUTION. Side effects may include but are not limited to: increased self-confidence, falling madly in love with yourself, over-all increase in general badassery, uncontrollable urge to celebrate yourself and lift up those around you.

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“Self love is a revolution that every cell in your body is marching for.” – s.r.w.



My name is Molly Ashlie and I am the owner, operator, photographer, and ferocious self-love advocate behind Moss Photography. I am a cheerleader for celebrating ourselves and embracing our bodies just as they are – all the parts we adore, and even the parts that we are still learning to adore. I will help you feel like a badass in your own skin.

Let’s start the greatest rebellion together: unapologetic self-love culture.

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Molly is the go-to for exceptional boudoir photography. She made me feel at ease, sexy, and comfortable for my first shoot of this type. Just seeing the proofs from the back of the camera alone astounded me with her brilliant eye for shadow, lighting, and capturing my wise, wild, primal self.