Vancouver Island Outdoor Couples Boudoir ~ The Wild Side of Love

'you touched

the place in my heart

where love runs wild'



Oh, these two beautiful souls. I could stare at my keyboard for hours trying to formulate the words that properly express how much love, and light these two have in their hearts. I worked with  Sarah first, one on one, in a boudoir session that feels like eons ago but in actuality was just over a year. Since then we've had the absolute honour of working together for mini sessions during Babes Day, as well as capturing her anniversary with her ineffable husband. 

From the moment you walk into their presence, these two are ready to open their hearts and offer you a space of comfort and love. It was so much fun traipsing through the woods (getting eaten alive by mosquitos), all to create some magical art and document their love in a way it deserves to be documented.


Without further ado! Please enjoy the images we created to commemorate their love. <3



Into the wilderness ~ Vancouver Island Outdoor Boudoir Photography


“I’ve lost my wild heart once. Twice. Too many times to count.

I’ve lost her most often when I’ve forgotten myself, when I’ve denied my own truths, when I’ve pushed down the need to create for so long that my heart...she finds better things to do.

The funny thing is, that the losing and the finding are interwoven.

We must lose our wild hearts from time to time, I believe. 

We must so that we know why we need them. 

We must so that we remember that in order to be found we must go into the wilderness. 
Sometimes, it is only in the getting lost that we can find our way back home.” 

― Jeanette Le Blanc


There's something special about the towering trees, the crashing waves, and unrelenting power of mother nature. I've always found a home in the ocean - found solace in her tandem gentleness and terrifying strength. Shooting this session at Sombrio beach filled an artistic emptiness in my heart I didn't know I had (and so did meeting this incredible babe, but that's a whole other story!). There is something so special about creating empowering magic with wild women in the wilderness. This woman especially - she has such a unique and breathtaking energy. Grounding and simultaneously up-lifting. I actually met this incredible woman when she was sent my way because she was gifted a boudoir session. I was like a bee to honey - instantly drawn to her sweetness and ability to laugh in the face of challenges. Almost a year later and I am lucky enough to call this incredible woman a dear friend. I am so deeply grateful that my work connects me to SO many inspiring women - lifting each other up and making the world a better place for the next wave of babes. 

Without further ado... one of my favourite wild women, in one of my favourite wild places.