Victoria BC Boudoir Photography: Boudoir as Body Reclamation

Our bodies are perpetually shifting and changing entities – when we find one way to embrace and love our body with all it’s imperfections, something changes and we need to adapt and integrate these changes into our self-love narrative.

But when these changes leave you a bit rattled, a bit shaken, and a little confused, it can be harder to accept our bodies for the beautiful vulnerable flesh and blood that they are. Through a recent diagnosis, I’ve had to recalibrate my self-love dialogue and learn to accept and love my vessel for what it continues to do for me.

In a time where I felt myself disconnected from my body – feeling a bit more foreign in it that I am accustomed to, I needed a way to ground myself back into my physical self and reclaim the space that I occupy. Queue: a much needed selfie-for-self-love session.

I get to watch my clients come to life in front of my lens on a regular basis. I get to see them fall a little deeper in love with themselves, find a new appreciation for their body, and embrace their sensuous energy. Often times when I do selfie sessions it feels very… clinical. I’m testing lighting, or I’m testing a new prop, or a new outfit, or a new editing style I want to try.. etc etc etc.

I can’t remember the last time I jumped in front of the camera for the sheer intention of feeling inspired + sexy in my body again. I’ve definitely done it before, and it’s definitely an outcome I feel from almost every single photoshoot I get to do (either selfies or by other amazing photographers), but it’s been a long while since that was the sole intention throughout the entire process.

And boy, let me tell you: it felt fucking liberating. Throughout the whole shoot I was able to lean into things on a deeper level: physically and emotionally. And when I went through the photos afterwards, I not only saw how beautiful my vessel still is despite it’s trials + tribulations: I felt that energy radiating through the photos, and reverberating something deep inside of me.

So the next time you feel like you need to reconnect to your physical vessel: breathe, touch your body, and take it in front of the camera and CELEBRATE yourself in this moment. It’s not vanity, it’s sanity. And you deserve to feel connected + in love with your temple.

***PS: content warning for family members. Scroll further and I am not wearing pants and am very naked. You know what I do for a living and I am embraaaacing it here.

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Victoria BC Outdoor Boudoir Photography

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.”
Lady Gaga

This wonderful client booked me to get this session done as a gift for her partner, but also just as an excuse to do it for herself (which is always my favourite: but babes, you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself!) After searching for the perfect outdoor location for her vision, we decided to do the session at her beautiful home (heck yeah: I do house-calls!). I rolled up to her place, and in her yard I saw the most ADORABLE vintage dune buggy just waiting to have a glorious human laying all over it. This session was such an absolute treat! I just adore when clients really lean into who they are and bring all aspects of their personality to a shoot: it just makes them SHINE! This babe really let herself come through in this session, just fully embracing her wonderful country nature! I adore her upbeat energy and am so thankful we got to meet and work together!

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