Celebrating Your Love - Victoria BC Couples Boudoir



Your soul lives inside me

like a garden

sprinkled with morning dew

flowing through me

like water.

— n.r. hart



I am actually jumping in my seat with excitement that I get to share this session. Aaaaah!! I've worked with Sarah before on her own, and we had such a blast. When she reached out to me to do an anniversary session (15 years!!!) with her incredible partner Graeme I was over the moon. These two have grown so much together and the love that they have for one another is just breath-taking. Graeme was a little terrified of the idea of a boudoir shoot - but let's be honest 99.99% of my clients are. ;) Thankfully Sarah knew the ropes and knew that it isn't as terrifying as it seems at face value. It's actually hella fun! And guess what? WE HAD HELLA FUN! It was such a blast creating intimate and loving images that these two can cherish forever. <3


Content warning: this post contains two beautiful people being incredibly gorgeous, unashamedly themselves and in love, and is also hella steamy because they are mega babes. Proceed with unreserved excitement! 


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