Short and Sweet Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

I had the pleasure of hosting the ineffable Ariel Helvetica at my place after a Wet Coast Burlesque show. Before we snuck off for brunch, we slipped in a very quick but incredibly fun session. I'm pretty sure we were both so over-tired and goofy we were making cat noises most of the shoot. But hey! The photos turned out smolderin' and sizzlin' - so you can't tell the sleep deprived goofiness that ensued. And huge kudos to Ariel for waking up early and putting on her sexy face to do the shoot. I don't think you could convince me to do anything like that before I've had at least 3 cups of coffee. At least. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy the magic we created that sleepy morning: 

Molly Ashlie