Smokin' Victoria BC Dudeoir Photography

I met with this gentleman late last year (around October), and we discussed his dream photoshoot over a cup of coffee. I was really excited by his vision of celebrating himself and capturing himself in this moment in honour of his birthday. I was a little saddened during our meeting because apparently he had been reaching out to other photographers and was being turned away. It blew my mind! Although I primarily work with women, I am a huge advocate of everyone (male, female, trans, or otherwise identifying) celebrating their bodies and loving themselves. I would happily photograph anyone wanting to take the plunge into boudoir photography - regardless of gender. I am very happy that he found me and that we were able to create these images for him. We had such a fun day, and there were a lot of laughs exchanged. It was definitely a highlight of my month - and I hope to photograph more dudeoir in the future!

Molly Ashlie