Autumn Outdoor Boudoir

Outdoor boudoir is unquestionably breathtaking. The combination of the wild woods and wild women is a match made in boudoir heaven. But, with our West Coast summers being typically very short, it can be hard to shoot these sessions outside of the summer months. And then when it rains during the summer it makes it even harder! But this strong (and BRAVE) woman wasn't going to be hindered by the season. We shot this session mid-November and let me tell you - it was COLD. But with a bottle of Scotch in tow, fuelled by good vibes and lots of laughs, she survived! And created some incredible incredible photographs. I can never pick favourite sessions, but the images and the memories that came from this day will be in my heart for a long time. 

Let's all collectively give a round of applause behind our respective computer screens for this warrior woman! It looks warm and sunny in some of the photos - but don't let that fool you. November was definitely biting that day - and it takes a special kind of person to still look incredibly sexy and beautiful while all you want to do is run into a hot shower. 

Molly Ashlie