Victoria BC Dudeoir Photography

I've been incredibly blessed to have a large portion of my recent clients be men... and I have to say it has been an absolute treat working with them all. This recent gentleman contacted me to do a session and I really liked his enthusiasm and energy right away. His partners had convinced him to take the boudoir plunge, and I am SO thankful that they did. Good work, ladies! I knew we would create some seriously sizzlin' images together, and have a great time while we did. And that's exactly what happened! Between our jokes and laughs, we shot some gorgeous imagery that he will be able to reflect on for years to come. 


"Dudeoir" photography (male boudoir) is something that is making an insurgence into the boudoir genre, but it typically showcases comical images. A slight mockery of both female boudoir, and male sensuality. It's not really the style I align with - I think it can be detrimental to show male sexuality as only being inherently funny. It is more difficult to be serious in front of a camera - there's something intimately vulnerable about being serious in your sensuality and documenting it through a lens. But I think it's important to celebrate all genders in their beautiful sensualness. To empower men, women, gender fluid, everyone, to feel comfortable in their bodies, and in who they are in this moment. 


I feel like together we created powerful, empowering images that showcase the male sensuality in all its glory. Without further ado!


*CONTENT WARNING: NSFW. Full nudity is enclosed in this session. Please do not open at work. Unless your work is chill with that, then do whatever you want. Well, do whatever you want anyways. It's your browsing history.


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