Victoria BC Boudoir Photography: Releasing Your Erotic Creature

She’s the wild, feline, untamed part of you, your sexual alter ego and the opposite of the “good girl” or “little lady.” Some of us know her better than others do, but I would venture to guess that your erotic creature hasn’t seen nearly enough light of day. 

Sheila Kelley


I've had a business-crush on this woman since I first came across her website and learnt about the work she does. If you came to Babes Day Out then you would have heard the amazing talk that she blessed us with. Angela focuses on empowering women, similar to my own mission, but through the exploration of our female sexuality. She strongly believes in the power of orgasmic healing - of reconnecting with our bodies, our spirits, through our sex.

Our society really loves to put women in boxes, to shame us for our sexuality. We are constantly told to not be too much, too slutty, too inviting. We're made to repress our sexual desires - to silence such a natural and essential part of our being. In this culture, empowerment takes different forms. But it all boils down to reclamation. A reclaiming of your right to take up space. A reclaiming of your body, of your right to feel beautiful in your own skin. Angela preaches a reclamation of something so important and fundamental: your sexual energy. 

Working with her on a boudoir shoot was such a treat. She has a great energy about her, and it really shone through in her photos. You can learn more about the incredible work that she does, or sign up for one of her workshops here. Without further ado!

I have come to discover that our sensual aliveness is not separate from our spiritual journey, or our career success, it is in fact the secret ingredient to creating an abundant, joyful, vibrant life. It is when I took the voyage into the sweet center of my womb that great shifts occurred, clarity became accessible, and my confidence levels soared.

- Angela Thurston

Jessica PalmerComment