Victoria BC Dudeoir Photography: Werkin' It At The Car Wash

Firstly I want to apologize for the title of the blog post. I'm bad at these things, guys! Someone take away my blogging privileges to save us all from the terrible puns. 

Aaaand, secondly, and definitely most important, I want to introduce you to this smoke-show of a gentleman. You may have seen his debut appearance on the blog a while back, but if you haven't then allow me to say: brace yourself. Below you will find photographs of one handsome ass dude being a whole lot of amazing. 

The shoot is almost an opposite reflection of the first, almost. In our first session together we really wanted to showcase a series of images that were stoic, serious, and more direct and raw in their sexiness. This second shoot really dances with the humorous side of boudoir - but in a very fierce, yet still serious way. 

I love working with this incredible human - he always has a great attitude. Even during this shoot, where he was literally cooking himself on the roof of a car. The sun was trying it's darndest to crisp us alive that day, but he still was there making quips and making us laugh. 

If you want to see this amazing shoot in action, there's also a time-lapse video at the bottom of the post!

Without further ado - here is the magic we created!


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