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Let the wild rumpus start!

Hello friends, here goes my very first blog post! Wow! If I had told my photography-crazy younger self that one day I would embark on the mission of making people feel great... as a JOB... I would have laughed wildly at myself. But here I am... here we are! I can honestly say this is the most me I have felt in my whole short life, and I can not wait to photograph even more beautiful humans. The smiles I get to see from my clients is overwhelming and makes me weak at the knees... seriously, my heart can't take all these good vibes!

One of my favourite things is when I get to shoot someone who is really near to my heart, there's a certain magic that comes into play during the shoot. Magic... and really terrible jokes that results in some crazy laughter fits. If I keep these shoots up I'll be on the road to some crazy wash-board abs. Here are some wonderful shots of one of the dearest women to my wee heart. She helps keep my head in the game, keeps me humble, and reminds me to always laugh my way through life. This woman is inspiring, strong, beautiful, and loving all in one.