Victoria BC Boudoir Photography - Surround Yourself with Artistry

This amazing babe found me through a mutual friend and co-conspirator: the wonderful Alison (my hair and makeup artist extraordinaire!) As a dear friend of such an incredible artist, I was not surprised to fall in love with this woman’s equally badass energy, attitude, and talent. She showed up to my studio, threw open a GIANT bag of lingerie, and Alison and I just both melted on the spot.

I will never stop falling head over heels for people that commit themselves to earnestly to their craft. That create from the heart, adore their art, and become art themselves because of it. This woman is just that: art and passion incarnate. Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture these images with you Kirsten!

Everyone should go checkout this babe’s Instagram because her tattoo work is unreeeaal:

Without further ado!

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