She Celebrated Herself ~ Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

I couldn’t have asked for a better boudoir experience and I’m still beaming from my session! 


This incredible woman was a treat to work with! She booked her session as a birthday present to herself - and proceeded to just knock it out of the park. From the second she stepped into the studio she just really let herself melt into the process and enjoyed it every step of the way. It's so easy to get stuck in your head before your session - because getting naked in front of a stranger isn't something most people are 100% comfortable with! But once we get the babes in the makeup chair it's all fun and games - and we get to have a lot of laughs and really just pamper you and make you feel like the total goddess that you are. 

This lady was no exception! She just leant right into the process, tackling all the weird crazy poses I threw at her and coming up with some of her own! 


Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to work with you, beautiful! I am so happy we got to capture this magic together. I hope you look back on your album and photos for many many years and feel inspired by the brave and bold woman you embodied that day! 

Molly AshlieComment