She Took The Plunge ~ Victoria BC Boudoir Photography



And the stars blinked

as they watched her carefully

jealous of her shine



I met with this lovely lady for our coffee meeting - and was instantly enamoured with her incredible energy and enthusiasm. She had been following me on Instagram for a while and had friends who I had worked with on their sessions. It's always fun when clients are super familiar with my work because then we can gush about certain babes previous sessions and just have a lot of fun working with poses they've seen to make them their own. 


I am so proud of this babe for taking the plunge and connecting with me to get these photos done of her! We had an incredible time start to finish - and I am just so blown away by how well she did and how well she really just let herself enjoy the process. She really relaxed into our session and into herself - and it just shines through! 


Molly AshlieComment