How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

You've done the hardest part: you've committed to being vulnerable in front of a stranger's camera. Now what?

At this point in the process, it's normal to be nervous. You're probably going to be nervous throughout the entire process - it's natural. But once you get into the makeup chair, your nerves will start to dissipate. I promise.

I create an entirely safe, comfortable, and encouraging space for you to embrace yourself and explore your sensuality and sexiness.

So don't worry - it's totally cool to be freaking out right now. But I just want you to know that I got you, babe! I'm here to help ensure that the entire experience is nothing short of fan-fucking-tastic!

Leading up to your session day

  1. On the day of your session, give yourself the day off. Try not to plan anything afterwards - except maybe drinks with friends. You'll be all dolled up after your shoot - why not go celebrate the amazing thing that you did! If you can't give yourself the entire day off, try to allow yourself at least a solid 5 hours. If you're session starts at 10, don't schedule anything until after 3. 

  2. Practice self-care leading up to your shoot. Take extra bubble baths. Really indulge in yourself and celebrate you. Self-care is NOT selfish. It will make you feel more in touch with yourself before we shoot - and that will help any nerves that you have.

  3. Don't tan/get cupping procedures/participate in activities that may results in intense bruising or skin discolouration. This is not always avoidable - but if possible try not to schedule activities that may result in skin discolouration/pigmentation. Minimal bruises are easy to edit out, but intense tan-lines are not. 

  4. Plan your outfits! This is the fun part. Now you get to day dream about what you want to wear to your shoot! If you have no idea - that's totally okay. Just bring everything you're thinking about, and we can decide when you're here. Still not sure? You could always go the classic route of the elegant white sheet. Don't worry, we will provide the sheet!

The day of your session

  1. Make sure you got everything packed. If you're on the fence about bringing something, bring it. It's better to have it and not use it, then forget it and regret it. 
  2. Eat a filling meal. You will be in the studio from anywhere between three to five hours - and we don't want you getting hungry! A full belly means you have more energy and good vibes throughout your session. 
  3. Try to wear loose fitting clothing. Tight fitting clothing creates lines on the body that can be hard to photoshop out. I do my best - but your skin will look it's best without clothing lines. 
  4. BREATHE. 

  5. Your stomach will probably be in knots the day before your first shoot - and that's totally okay. Don't worry. It's normal to be nervous and anxious. Take some deep breaths - in through your nose, out through your mouth. Tell yourself that you're beautiful, that you are strong. You got this babe, now let's make some magic together. <3


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