Presented by Molly Ashlie of Moss Photography and Regina Akhankina of Portrait Couture



Elevate your photography.

bring the best out of your clients. 

Revolutionize your brand.

 Sunday October 8th



Take your business to the next level through an intensive hands-on workshop, led by two of Victoria’s leading boudoir photographers.

Topics include:


Registering a business, getting a licence, contracts & waivers, setting bank accounts, sales and automation - the structure that you need to run a sustainable business. You will see our real numbers, and know how much you can really make as a full time boudoir photographer. We will talk about social media marketing and setting up ads that work.

Client Care…

Managing expectations and guiding clients from consultations to sales appointment, handling client anxiety/nerves and making them feel comfortable.

Nailing your price list so you’re busy, happy and well-paid. When shoot TFP and when to raise your prices. Best business practices including, contracts, release forms, and other good habits.

Boudoir shoots in home studio and on location.  Regina and Molly will do demos and you will get time with the models and rights to your images. Learn to make any room in your home a boudoir studio, and use every possible setup to your advantage: from simple wall and corner posing to using every piece of furniture you own. Plus, the rules of posing - how to flatter every body type with simple posing principles AND the five poses you need to know and master - and how to build a set of 30 smoking hot sellable shots from them.

What’s necessary and what’s not. Lighting techniques – how to work with the challenge and beauty of natural light, a simple studio lighting set-up that works for any subject matter, and the convenience of LED video lights.

A Workflow that’s easy, fast and effective. Top tweaks we use in LR and tips for PS: how to take off 20 lbs in 20 seconds, retouching, working with actions, and more.

Personal projects…
How Regina made $60,000 in 2019 with personal projects. We will breakdown the whole process for you and what we’ve learned that works best.

One-on-one time, individual portfolio review, Q&A session, and LOTS of take-home materials.


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