“I recently booked a boudoir photoshoot with Molly and was absolutely overjoyed with the results!! She not only made me feel totally at ease and goddess-like during the shoot, but the final edited photos were so incredibly beautiful and varied. Molly is intuitively aware of what her clients need and want, and makes the right suggestions to create a collection of photos that capture the unique beauty of each woman. She is creative and insightful and her passion for making women feel beautiful is totally palpable. I also especially enjoy being photographed in her gorgeous boudoir space - the light and decor is heaven. Nothing bad can ever happen there! I can’t wait to work with Molly again!

— J.





I didn’t think doing a boudoir shoot could ever change my life as much as it has. It was something I wanted to do because I’m about to turn thirty and thought it might be something my partner would’ve liked.
Unfortunately like a lot of women I have struggled with self-confidence and low self-worth my whole life, largely due to being told I was ugly, fat and stupid during my young impressionable years by many adults. Having those words cling to to me throughout my adulthood has been painful, like a prickly, scratchy sweater. I still struggle to take a compliment from someone, including my dear sweet partner.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the photos that Molly took, I never thought that pictures of me could ever turn out so beautiful. It’s insane to think pictures would make me start to think so differently about myself. My inner voice is so much more positive; I feel so much more empowered within myself and I feel my self-confidence blooming. I’m seeing myself in a whole new light. I feel that that sweater is a little less prickly now.
Thank you to Molly for everything, you are a special kind of person! Thank you to Alison for my lovely hair, makeup and giggles.

— S.

This beautiful lady has an amazing talent to recognize and bring out your beauty — even when you come in not seeing it yourself. She’s a wonderfully powerful and honest woman, not afraid to share her own vulnerabilities or stand up for the things she believes in. A trait that is infectious and made me feel like I could also have the powers of self-acceptance, body positivity, and expression of my own beauty.

— N.

Whether you’re experienced in front of the camera or not, it can be a pretty vulnerable place. However, Moss Photography instantly dissipates any nerves you may have had. In a society as competitive and sometimes damaging as ours, Molly reminds you that you are beautiful just the way you are, and through her lens she truly captures that. It’s a privilege spending time with such a beautiful soul who will have you laughing all through your shoot, and you’ll almost forget the camera. This woman is truly in her element and it’s obvious by her work.

— C.

“It was amazing to do a photoshoot with Molly. I felt so vulnerable, open, and nervous about being in front of a camera but her and Allison made me feel beautiful and seen. Molly's way of taking photographs is so collaborative and creative. She easily got me to relax and sink into my body. Such an amazing first photoshoot experience!

— J.

Boudoir is an art I have admired and been curious about trying for a long time but since cameras make me nervous at the best of times, understandably, I have been tentative about bearing it all in front of a lens. I finally decided to take the plunge with Molly and I’m so glad I did! Throughout the session, she was sweet, encouraging, professional and made me feel completely safe. The experience left me feeling empowered and my nerves were transformed into excitement. The final product is a sexy, powerful and diverse album of photographs that I will cherish forever. To anyone out there who is considering a photoshoot but is still holding back, I strongly encourage you to contact Moss Photography and step outside of your comfort zone, because I am sure you will surprise yourself in the best possible way.

— K.