"The experience left me feeling empowered and my nerves were transformed into excitement. The final product is a sexy, powerful and diverse album of photographs that I will cherish forever. To anyone out there who is considering a photoshoot but is still holding back, I strongly encourage you to contact Moss Photography and step outside of your comfort zone - I am sure you will surprise yourself in the best possible way."


  Hi! I am Molly Ashlie, photographer and ferocious self-love advocate behind Moss Photography. I wish I had some profound or hilariously witty thing to say about boudoir photography, but I don't. For me it's simple... it's about love. Self-love. Celebrating who you are in this moment and embracing it whole-heartedly. 



I have had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember. Photography has always been my passion - but now it has grown to also be a strong passion about the people in front of the lens. I want to change the world and how people see themselves - one empowering session at a time.



Your Empowering Boudoir Session

Step 1: The boudoir experience starts with a free consultation. We meet before-hand to discuss your dream shoot and go over any questions you may have!

Step 2: Book your date! 

Step 3: Arrive to your shoot day to be pampered by my hair and makeup artist. Relax as she transforms your locks and gives you the royal treatment. From there I will guide you through your shoot! Don't worry about posing, I will direct you and guide you throughout the entire process. You are in good hands!

Step 4: We will set a date for you to come back to the studio approximately 2 weeks after your session. There we will reveal your amazing proofs! While we are together we will go over which images and products you would like to purchase.

Step 5: You will receive any digital images 1-2 weeks after your payment is made for your favourite images. Fine art product delivery time varies, but is usually 2-5 weeks. 


Want to learn even more about the boudoir experience, what to expect, and pricing packages? 

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Download a copy of my Badass Babes Guide to Boudoir for a comprehensive look at the boudoir experience! Learn more about the boudoir investment, packages, and tips for self-care before your empowering day.

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