What is boudoir? Boudoir is a photographic experience that focuses on our sensual and intimate sides. It is a photographic experience that will transform you and make you feel like the confident, empowered, and beautiful being that you truly are. 


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Hi there! I’m Molly, photographer and ferocious self-love advocate behind Moss Photography. I believe whole-heartedly in the life changing power of boudoir photography. The power of self-love,  and owning our own individuality and uniqueness. Boudoir can help you reclaim  your body, see yourself in a new light, work past culturally imposed body standards, or be a great excuse to just celebrate YOU! Because guess what? Each and every single one of us is deserving of feeling beautiful, and comfortable in their own skin.

Molly is the go-to for exceptional boudoir photography. She made me feel at ease, sexy, and comfortable for my first shoot of this type. Just seeing the proofs from the back of the camera alone astounded me with her brilliant eye for shadow, lighting, and capturing my wise, wild, primal self.

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