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Celebration of Love

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for love. I love love. So when one of the sweetest souls I know asked me to photograph her wedding last minute, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to document such a beautiful day. I won't lie - I woke up that day in a funk. My head was in a dark place and my energy was tapped out. But arriving on site and being surrounded by such energy... such excitement, it brought my spirits right up. This day wasn't about the conventions of marriage... it wasn't about cultural traditions and exchange for the sake of exchange... it was about love. Plain and simple, unrestricted, unlimited, boundless, love. It was informal and pure. It was a celebration of love just for the sake of celebrating love. It was beautiful. I honestly feared I was risking water damaging my camera with my soggy eyes in some moments! I'm really glad I got to capture this day for these two beautiful souls - and that they can see with their own eyes the pure unrestrained looks they shared with each other that day. It was breathtaking.