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Empowerment Boudoir and the Small Things

I leave for a two week vacation in a couple hours - wahoo! But I knew I couldn't leave you guys without sharing this wonderful woman's session. She came into the studio having a particularly bad day - one of those days we all experience, where nothing goes right and the world seems out to get you. I knew I wanted to dissapitate that bad day - banish all that tension and stress that the real world had rested on her shoulders. I poured her some wine, and we sat down and chatted while I helped with her hair. By the end of her session, I feel like there was a tiny spring in her step. The small things matter. Those small things will save you from those bad days, and help bring a little light back into grey days. 

I just want to thank her for being such an inspiring and amazing woman. She is so strong, and fierce, but with a radical softness at the same time. Here's to beauty: the inner, and outer. Shining so bright from the inside you can't help but wear it on the outside. 

Magical Outdoor Boudoir

I have to preface this blog post by just saying: wow. Just, wow. This woman is a force to be reckoned with! I have to give her huge props because she found a beautiful location to shoot in, and brought us the most perfect bed to use. The photos are the perfect mixture of sexy and relaxed. Glamorous and natural. I got so carried away with the casual beauty of the photos I had to edit them in my underwear (that may have also been because my apartment is hotter than the underside of Satan's covers - but that's beside the point). I took a creative turn with some of the photos, and I'll include those at the end. Sometimes you just have to take a break from traditional edits and get a little creative. I hope you guys enjoy these photos and this extraordinary lady as much as I do!