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Natural boudoir

Boudoir can be a very glamorous experience. You can have a professional hair and makeup artist pamper you and doll you up - it's a fantastic experience that can really make you feel like a goddess. However, it isn't a mandatory part of the process (I can hear all the other boudoir photographers and MUAH's groaning and rolling their eyes at me). But seriously. You are sexy. Just as you are. And, I'm going to tell you a secret. You can totally own that natural sexiness! 

I recently did a shoot with a fantastic woman. My favourite part of our shoot was the complete natural approach. Her hair was loose, her makeup was minimal. There was no fake-eyelashes, no red lips, no blush. Just her. Totally owning it. I loved it!

I'm not saying everyone should forgo professional hair and makeup for their shoot. It definitely helps take the shoot to the next level - you'll feel like an absolute bombshell. But you're already a bombshell! Sometimes the professional artist can help you see what we already see - but if you ever feel like taking the plunge and doing a more natural boudoir session, I am 100% here cheering you on! Check out these shots of this amazing and beautiful woman:

Celebration of Love

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for love. I love love. So when one of the sweetest souls I know asked me to photograph her wedding last minute, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to document such a beautiful day. I won't lie - I woke up that day in a funk. My head was in a dark place and my energy was tapped out. But arriving on site and being surrounded by such energy... such excitement, it brought my spirits right up. This day wasn't about the conventions of marriage... it wasn't about cultural traditions and exchange for the sake of exchange... it was about love. Plain and simple, unrestricted, unlimited, boundless, love. It was informal and pure. It was a celebration of love just for the sake of celebrating love. It was beautiful. I honestly feared I was risking water damaging my camera with my soggy eyes in some moments! I'm really glad I got to capture this day for these two beautiful souls - and that they can see with their own eyes the pure unrestrained looks they shared with each other that day. It was breathtaking.