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Smokin' Hot (literally) Boudoir

These shots are from a shoot quite a while ago - a little more than two months ago, perhaps. I still remember it like it was yesterday... Alison came over to my home studio with bags of beautiful lingerie. I was like a kid in a candy store - so many beautiful things to photograph on such a wonderful person! Needless to say, the images turned out wonderful - and we had such an incredible time shooting together. Alongside being an incredible human, Alison is also a wonderful hair and makeup artist - and a magician with hair colour. If you ever want to treat yourself to an incredible hair style, this girl can work magic like no other. Plus she's wonderful company, and an incredible person to talk with. Her passion for life, love, and feminism is inspiring. Working with her always leaves me feeling so incredibly refreshed and inspired! 

Magical Outdoor Boudoir

I have to preface this blog post by just saying: wow. Just, wow. This woman is a force to be reckoned with! I have to give her huge props because she found a beautiful location to shoot in, and brought us the most perfect bed to use. The photos are the perfect mixture of sexy and relaxed. Glamorous and natural. I got so carried away with the casual beauty of the photos I had to edit them in my underwear (that may have also been because my apartment is hotter than the underside of Satan's covers - but that's beside the point). I took a creative turn with some of the photos, and I'll include those at the end. Sometimes you just have to take a break from traditional edits and get a little creative. I hope you guys enjoy these photos and this extraordinary lady as much as I do!