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Why Burlesque is Part of my Business Brand

I've always had a love affair with photography, but I never seriously considered a career as a photographer before I took burlesque class. 

"I would love to follow my dream of being a professional photographer... but there's soooo many talented photographers! I don't stand a chance!"  

That was the type of conversation I was having with myself on the day-to-day. At least, it was... until I started burlesque. Burlesque flipped my world upside down and affected every aspect of my life - in the best way possible. It gave me the personal confidence to apply myself, to be determined, to not give a hoot what judgement others may be passing on me. It gave me the courage to reevaluate my life and what direction I wanted it to go. It taught me a lot of things,  things I feel are important to share with the women (and men!) who I am lucky enough to have sit in front of my camera. It taught me...

  1. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Everyone. Even just for a second. You deserve to look in a mirror and feel a little enchanted by yourself. Before Burlesque the conversations I had with myself regarding my body image were not healthy, and that that is common-place in society. I thought to myself that this needed to change. That I wanted to provide the tools for someone else to be able to feel sexy and to start having those healthy conversations with themselves. Boudoir and burlesque have this magical ability to change someone's perspective of themselves - and it's beautiful. 
  2. Don't give a fuck what other people think. I know it's probably not "business-savvy" to say fuck on my business blog, but I feel like it's necessary to drive this point home. Opportunities in life are widely missed and unexplored because we are hindered by our fears of judgement. When you let go of those fears and start applying yourself wholeheartedly to things that make you happy... magic happens. 
  3. You can do that. That thing you've always wanted to do... do it. What's stopping you? Really assess what it is that's holding you back. Once you start looking at what it is that's stopping you, you can see how short-term most of those things are. The satisfaction you will get from doing what you've always wanted to do will be infinitely more rewarding. 
  4. And the most important thing I've learnt... be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best-friend or lover. Boost your own confidence. Embrace your quirks and qualities that make you different. You are one in 7.7 billion - treat yourself accordingly. 

To me... burlesque and boudoir teach the same lessons and operate off the same foundation of self-love and confidence. I dream that by providing a safe-space for women to feel comfortable in their sexuality and their bodies that I am helping empower every client to dare to love themselves. Loving yourself is a rebellious act - be a rebel.