The One Unafraid To Go Big ~ Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

Sometimes a beautiful thing happens where my personal life and my work life overlap, and I get to capture photos of someone near and dear to my heart. And this session was one of those overlaps.

We met through a wonderful community of badass babes at Poletrix, a pole, aerial, and fitness studio out in Langford. We had been attended aerial hoop classes together, training together, encouraging one another on new tricks, for about a year or so. This woman is cut from a different kind of cloth. She’s radiantly optimistic, loving, and enthusiastic. She is constantly bringing new big tricks to class to try – and that is a reflection of how she approaches life: unafraid to go big and try the things she wants to try. Her and her infectious attitude for life are inspiring, to say the least.

She’s also incredibly motivated to get what she wants. I recognize that my services are a luxury, and as much as I try to keep my prices as low as I can while also being able to support myself + the work I want to create, it’s an investment and I recognize that. So when people desire a session with me and save for months for it, it melts me and fills me with unbelievable gratitude. Every time a client comes through my doors, I am endlessly thankful. But knowing that someone put in the intention and planning to save and payment plan a session for themselves… it leaves me speechless in gratitude.

So a huge thank you and fuck yes to this incredible human. Who I’ve watched putting in the work for herself, taking herself to classes every week. Training her butt off and competing in a regional Lyra competition (ya’ll, I wasn’t lying when I said she goes BIG), and valuing herself and my work by saving up for this session to document her amazingness. I am thankful for clients like her who see my work, and I am thankful for humans + friends like her who are so inspiring and incredible at what they do. I am thankful for this incredible human – love you babe!

Molly AshlieComment