Loving Yourself Is The Greatest Revolution ~ Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

I had the honour of working with this babe for part of my BOGO deal I ran back for Cyber Monday (whoa - feels like eons ago!) I loved getting to know her, and her babely bestie, and spend our days in my favourite way: pampering the shit out of them both! 


The BOGO sesh's were great because we spent a little more time in the hair and makeup portion (two babes, two times the glam!), and it meant we got spend more time together talking, getting to know each other, and talking about how badass women are. 


When this babe came out in her first outfit I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor. She just looked so incredible! We had a lot of laughs and made some seriously sizzlin' images. 


Oh! Did I mention what her email signature is? Because it definitely made me smile. 


"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

– Eleanor Roosevelt



Without further ado... enjoy this session from this empowered and wonderful babe! Thank you for coming into the studio and trusting in me to capture these images of you, lovely. <3 



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