once upon a time ~ victoria bc editorial boudoir photography

once upon a time,

fairytales didn’t exist.

we weren’t princesses.

we didn’t have castles.

we didn’t have princes and kings.

we were warriors.

we had dreams.

we had power.


and beliefs.

we weren’t another story for a book.

we’re sisters. of blood. and bones.

we’re revolutionisers.

– amun ahmed

A little over two years ago, a woman sat on what would become my boudoir studio floor. We were just getting to know each other. Her insanely large collection of shoes was thrown haphazardly around my living room - forgotten as we got lost in a riveting conversation of feminism, body positivity, and how to change the world. Little did I know, as we agreed to combine our services for business and community, that this woman would become an integral part of my life. One of the nearest friends to my heart. A confidant. A sister.

Over the years we’ve worked together to empower hundreds of people to celebrate and love their bodies through boudoir photography. We’ve cooked up projects together, dreamed of the future, and created incredible art with one another. She contributes so much to my business life, helping ground and pamper my clients - making them shine. All while breathing the same motto that I built my business on: empowering everyone. I don’t know where I’d be without this amazing lady continually inspiring me to be a better person, friend, human, and artist. I could seriously write a book about how incredible she is - how thankful I am for her presence and light in my life. But I gotta reel it in before it runs on too long!

Thank you for being one of my chosen witch sisters. For taking up space in the world with your incredible unique energy - and for always lifting others, including myself, up. I love you! <3

Without further ado… my hair and makeup artist, my muse, my dear friend:

*NSFW content warning: this blog post contains the female body in all it’s divine beauty. If nudity offends you, ya’ll should hop off this website ASAP (and probably start considering why the body in it’s natural and gorgeous state bothers you so much).

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