Breathtaking Boudoir in Victoria BC

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with this incredible woman earlier this month. I was incredibly excited to work together because I follow her on Instagram, and I knew that she was a yoga instructor. Tip: don't ever let your photographer know you do yoga unless you don't mind them asking you to do crazy poses! Luckily, she didn't mind. And we got some KILLER images out of the day. She was such a joy to work with - her positive attitude and smile was infectious and made me so energized throughout our shoot. I honestly think my favourite part of this job is meeting so many inspiring and strong women! The ladies I meet never cease to amaze me! 

Here's what Jenny had to say about her empowering boudoir session:


I was pretty nervous to go in front of the camera, but had faith that Molly would take good care of me. She was welcoming as soon as I walked in the door, and I had so much fun while in her studio. The proofs that she had ready for me, were done way faster than expected, then the edits were done even faster! The end result was INSANELY beautiful pictures, that I will treasure forever.

Molly Ashlie