Growing Into The Woman You Were Meant To Be ~ Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

This next session is a little extra-special. This amazing babe happens to be a life-long bestie of my Studio Manager, Jess! Jess lovingly reached out to me and asked to do a write-up for this sizzlin' session, of which I was happy to have her do so. It's so amazing watching friends we have had since we were little grow into themselves and really blossom. I adore the woman friendships I have in my life, and it just makes my heart explode to see other women supporting & loving each other as they make their way through life. Without further ado, I'm gonna let these two mega babes take the spotlight!


Special Guest Blogger and occasional online support for Moss Photography, Jess Palmer here! You’re probably wondering why I’m taking over Molly’s blog-o-sphere today. No, I wasn’t behind the camera or even present for this session. But when I found out about this shoot, I asked Molly if I could contribute to this post because the gorgeous woman in these photos is my sister-from-another-mister, Danielle.

Over 20 years ago, I moved from Calgary to Shawinigan Lake and just two doors down lived two sisters, one of whom is the hot stuff you see before you. In the two decades that have passed, we have gone from Barbie-playing, Spice-Girl-singing, kick-the-can-enthusiasts to full-grown adults. We’re talking, careers, weddings, families, and home-ownership kind of grown-up!

It’s such a beautiful, rare opportunity to watch someone grow year-by-year from childhood to now. Danielle has always been such a power-house. She is strong, unwaveringly loyal, ambitious, and just super bad-ass all around.

When I asked Molly what it was like during her session with Danielle, she remarked on Danielle’s amazing energy. She absolutely ROCKED this session (and let Molly spray her bum with water to boot haha the result of which was killer).

I am in awe of this woman and know you will be, too.



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