Feelin' Yourself - Victoria BC Boudoir Photography

Wooowwwwee! I've committed the cardinal photographer sin... I've not blogged in a month. Uh-oh! It's just because I don't even know where to start - I feel like I'm sitting on so many smoldering sessions!


I've been hiding this session away for a while - releasing little glimpses on instagram and on Facebook. But it's time to show this beauty to the world! Miss E had her session gifted to her by a very special someone, and she came into the studio so excited and ready to go! I loved getting to go through her outfits with her, pretty sure I almost cried when she pulled out a Love Child Boudoir harness. If you are a lingerie nerd like me, you will also be screaming. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, google it. You won't be sorry. (Or just scroll down and prepare to have your jaw drop. Either or.) 


I quickly became enamoured with this babes amazing energy and the way she held herself. We had so many laughs, and created some serious magic together. Thank you for being the amazing and strong woman that you are! <3


*Content warning: this blog post contains a strong, fearless woman embracing her body and celebrating herself. It contains partial nudity. If you are offended by nipples you should probably leave this post (and also this website - you are in the wrong place! Body lovers and celebrators only beyond this point!)


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