Wild Goddess ~ Victoria BC Outdoor Boudoir Photographer

We are the descendants of the wild women you forgot.

We are the stories you thought would never be taught.

They should have checked the ashes of the women they burned alive.

Because it takes a single wild ember to bring a whole wildfire to life. 

- Nikita Gill


What does it look like when a strong and ferociously herself woman contacts you for an outdoor boudoir session? Well. It looks kinda like the ethereal goodness we created below. Honestly I don't have too much to say about this session because it speaks for itself - and loudly. I am just super happy that this woman and I got to work together (finally)! We have been skirting around the idea for some time, since she is an active part of the burlesque community and as am I. Our paths finally crossed and we got to create this... this... whatever the heck this WONDER is below. Without further ado.... let me introduce you to babe town (the wild woman edition).


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