Boudoir and the Act of Self-Love

It's no secret that boudoir photography is a very intimate and personal experience. The reasons behind wanting to have that intimate experience differs from person to person. It may be a gift to your partner, your husband, or maybe it's just to celebrate a milestone in your life... but whatever the reason for wanting to do a session... the outcome is always the same. Boudoir photography has a way of knocking down barriers and showing us how truly beautiful we are. It helps show us how others see us, and it can shift our view so that we can start to recognize our beauty ourselves.

One of my clients from my last boudoir marathon had the most amazing things to say after her session - her sentiment and words were so beautiful it had me in tears. I really want to leave the rest of this blog post as space for her incredible message, and beautiful imagery. 

I didn’t think doing a boudoir shoot could ever change my life as much as it has. It was something I wanted to do because I’m about to turn thirty and thought it might be something my partner would’ve liked.
Unfortunately like a lot of women I have struggled with self-confidence and low self-worth my whole life, largely due to being told I was ugly, fat and stupid during my young impressionable years by many adults. Having those words cling to to me throughout my adulthood has been painful, like a prickly, scratchy sweater. I still struggle to take a compliment from someone, including my dear sweet partner.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the photos that Molly took, I never thought that pictures of me could ever turn out so beautiful. It’s insane to think pictures would make me start to think so differently about myself. My inner voice is so much more positive; I feel so much more empowered within myself and I feel my self-confidence blooming. I’m seeing myself in a whole new light. I feel that that sweater is a little less prickly now.
Thank you to Molly for everything, you are a special kind of person! Thank you to Alison for my lovely hair, makeup and giggles.
— Recent Moss Photography Client
Molly Ashlie