Victoria BC Pilgrim Dudoir Photography

Andrew is one of those really lovely souls that can always make you laugh. He's always cracking jokes, and when he's in the room there's rarely a frowning face. A goof-ball by nature, I knew that when he asked if we could do a serious session that there was going to be some serious magic made. Most dudoir sessions you see online are generally goofy - a parody of similar photos taken of women models. Which is not a bad thing! They're incredible photos - but I think sharing that serious side can be more vulnerable and intimate. That side that wants to be seen as exclusively sexy - not silly and sexy. It's hard to strip away our insecurities and let people look at us in that light - to even just get into that mind-set to share that is really hard (and the amazing outtakes reel I have of giggle fits and smiles is proof of that). But in between those moments of laughter, in those serious and stoic moments... there's a really beautiful vulnerability. 

Andrew had a really strong concept and idea for the shoot before he even contacted me - and when he told me I was incredibly excited to help bring his vision to life. I really hope you enjoy the images, and the strength and courage that comes from doing this type of shoot. I am very lucky to know this inspiring man - and to have worked with him on such a special project. Without further ado... 

Molly Ashlie