Boudoir Photography: A Life-Changing Experience

Boudoir photography isn't just about being sexy and having fun for just one day. It's about creating images, feelings, memories, and confidence that lasts a life-time. The moments that are captured in our studio will be a source of inspiration and a reminder of your beauty whenever you need that extra boost. You receive so much more than just beautiful images - the feelings and emotions that occur during your session go so much deeper than anything you can experience while taking a selfie. And on top of all of that, you will have heirloom albums and products that will last forever. Your moments and beauty are locked in time - you become a work of art. 

I have been having a really rough day and being feeling down today and had a pretty tough last couple of weeks and honestly these made me cry a bunch of happy tears. I really feel like I look the sexy, gorgeous goddess I strive to be (in my mind).
I don’t think I have never felt so good about myself when I have looked at pictures, I think these captured memories will be a tool that I can use to increase my confidence and feeling of self-worth. I cannot thank you enough for the lovely experience I have had.
— Recent Moss Photography Client

How Boudoir Photography Can Change Your Life


I am a very loud and proud advocate of women celebrating their bodies in all their glory. There's no time like the present - and there's no need to feel shame over your body at any time. No matter what shape or size you are - you are beautiful. And being able to capture that for women and show them just how gorgeous they are... there's nothing like it. Truly. Here are some ways I firmly believe boudoir photography can change your life:

It encourages self-love. It is in itself an act of self-care, and self-love. By getting in front of the camera you are telling yourself that you love yourself, and that you are ready to celebrate your body. Inside our studio there is nothing but self-love and encouragement. No judgement. No pre-conveiced notion of what beauty is supposed to look like. Nothing but love for you, and 

They remind us that we are more than our daily routines. Whether you're a mother, a business woman, a teacher... anything - it's so easy to get lost in our daily grinds. Boudoir can help remind you that you are sexy goddess, that you have sex appeal! It's a great celebration of the incredible woman you are - shed free from all life's shackles and responsibilities. 

It builds confidence and feelings of empowerment. Seeing yourself in a glamorous and sexy light can help change your perspective on your own body-image. It can help build confidence and empower you - and these feelings can last a life-time. We are told to look a certain way and dress a certain way by society - but we're also told that we're not supposed to feel good about ourselves. Boudoir takes all of that and throws it out the window. In the studio there are no pre-conceived notions of what beauty is supposed to look like - in front of the camera you are beauty. And we celebrate how great you look! This day is all about you feeling great - and we will celebrate that feeling with you until we're blue in the face!

Our heirloom products and albums will be with you forever. Our high quality and gorgeous albums and products will help showcase your ineffable images, capturing those moments in time and allowing you to look back on them forever. The feelings of confidence and beauty of that day will always be there for you to draw from, and to remember. 

The benefits of having boudoir photography are endless.. especially in a society that tries to tell us how to look and to feel. Loving yourself is a rebellious act... so be a rebel. Be self loved!

Molly Ashlie