Outdoor Boudoir Photography Victoria BC

This blog post is long overdue - it has me nostalgic for sunnier days and warm summer scents on the wind. I love autumn (more like obsessed with), but I love shooting outdoor boudoir sessions so it's arrival was a little bitter sweet for me. 

I got together with the fabulous Delilah D'lish and we braved the public eye to get some amazing shots in Beacon Hill Park. We found the most private space we could, and were sneaky boudoir ninjas while taking photos. I remember shielding her with my giant reflector while someone started walking towards us on the little goat-path. We had a gentlemen see us, notice what we were doing, and he actually took a much longer route to get to his destination in order to give us a wide berth. Standing ovation for that amazing human - thank you!

Normally my outdoor boudoir sessions are held at a private location where there is 0% chance that anyone will ever see us, or walk in on the shoot, but we decided to get a little crazy with this one. For all ladies interested in doing a boudoir shoot in the outdoors, don't fear! I have a couple private forested areas to choose from (I have amazing friends!) and can ensure that our shoot is entirely private. But I digress!

Without further ado, please join me in reminiscing over the summer vibes, and swooning over the ineffable beauty of Delilah! 

Molly Ashlie