she is the untamed ~ victoria bc boudoir photography

‘ she is the untamed. she is the wild. she will come to you like a storm and wash you of your fears. and then when she leaves, you will wonder how you ever hated the rain. ‘

– ariana

I’ve been so busy creating magic with all the babes, I’ve been neglecting sharing the full dreamy sessions with you on this blog! I’m going to throw it back to a couple months ago when I created some imagery with a badass babe friend of mine. This lady wears SO many hats, and is such a fierce and independent woman - strutting her way through the world and empowering others as she does so. If you’ve ever wanted to try sexy dancing - I highly highly recommend checking out the studio that she runs: Amethyst Dance & Fitness. There are so many amazing and different classes you can go to to ground yourself in your body, and feel sensual and amazing in your skin. Moving in our bodies and celebrating the skin we are in so important, I am so grateful for the babes who teach others the magical power of sexy movement!

For this session we really focused on getting the steamiest photos possible - and I daresay we accomplished that mission. Without further ado!

Vancouver Island Outdoor Couples Boudoir ~ The Wild Side of Love

'you touched

the place in my heart

where love runs wild'



Oh, these two beautiful souls. I could stare at my keyboard for hours trying to formulate the words that properly express how much love, and light these two have in their hearts. I worked with  Sarah first, one on one, in a boudoir session that feels like eons ago but in actuality was just over a year. Since then we've had the absolute honour of working together for mini sessions during Babes Day, as well as capturing her anniversary with her ineffable husband. 

From the moment you walk into their presence, these two are ready to open their hearts and offer you a space of comfort and love. It was so much fun traipsing through the woods (getting eaten alive by mosquitos), all to create some magical art and document their love in a way it deserves to be documented.


Without further ado! Please enjoy the images we created to commemorate their love. <3